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    Photograph of the Werribee Bowls Club, undated.

    Some of those photographed are: Dave Andrew, Dick Barker, Jim Brown, Wilf Comben, Laurie Earl, Jack Gardner, Harold Gray, A. Hamilton, V. Heward, John Pasini, Ken Plumridge, Roy Sheahan, Bill Slattery, John Sweeting, Dave Taylor, Andy Wall.
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    Comben's SSW Supermarket located on the west side of Station Street, Werribee.

    The business began on the east side of Station Street, Werribee and was then moved to the western side about 1913, taking over that store from the Farmers Co-operative Society.

    It was run as an ordinary grocers shop until Alf's death in 1938. His sons Aubrey and Wilfred continued until Wilfred's retirement around 1951.

    Aubrey and his four sons continued with the business, joining the SSW group in the early 1960s and becoming a supermarket. Just before selling out, they transferred to the Festival Group.

    Peter and Elizabeth Ross started to operate the pharmacy (on the left of the photograph) in the early 1960s.
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