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Photograph taken from the front page of the 'Werribee Shire Banner' dated 11 January 1968. Article accompanying the photograph states: This is Bungey's Hole in the Werribee River one scene of the search for Mr. S. E. Tardrew aged 85 who disappeared…

Swimming pool and dressing shed at Bungey's Hole. Taken from `Join us in a trip around Werribee, Victoria'.
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Located beside Bungies Hole, the small swimming pool was created for young children. It was commonly known as the Little Pool.
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The bolts from the diving tower, and base of the springboard that used to be located at Bungies Hole are visible in the concrete.
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This photograph shows the island to one side of Bungey's waterhole with the Werribee Angling Club in the Backgound. Bungey's hole was instrumental in the settlement of Werribee as it was a place a permanent fresh water fed from an undergound spring.…
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The diving board used to be located at the tip of the concrete apron. On the right hand side was a high diving board, to the left hand side was a spring diving board. These were washed away in the 1952 flood.
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The Angling Club building. The bluestone blocks were retrieved from a bluestone house on the Board of Works farm.

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