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One of Chirnside's old farm buildings, on the bank of the river before the crossing on the property. Photograph taken by B. D. Dixon.
Chirnside (Corpus Christi) Gates.jpg

Large stone entry gates constructed of granite.

A racecourse located on this site since 1861 with large grandstand and other buildings possibly dating from 1950s onwards.

A retaining wall and plantings along the river and large trees scattered through a housing estate are all that remains of The Manor, a once grand house with extensive gardens.

A large pastoral holding once owned by the Chirnside family well known for the 1876 Italianate Renaissance mansion.

Thomas Chirnside's first home near the Werribee River in the Parish of Deutgam. It was still being used as a home in 1964.

First home of the Chirnside Family built at Werribee Park.

Point Cooke Homestead was owned by the Chirnside Family.

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