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Ruin of a house located on land originally occupied and acquired from the Crown by Simon Staughton.

Cobbledicks Ford crossing the Werribee River at Tarneit, paved in cut bluestone pavers.
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The swimming hole at Cobbledicks Ford. It is known as the Frog Pool because in days gone by local children went tadpoling here.
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Mrs Stevenson fishing at Cobbledicks Ford Recreational Area in 1962. Mrs Stevenson lived in a bluestone house at top of Cottrell Street Ford. The bluestone house has since been demolished and replaced by units.
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Members of the Truganina Fire Brigade teach juniors how to refill their fire truck at Cobbledicks Ford. The Werribee River is an important source of water when there are grassfires on the Werribee Plain.
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This photo depicts vandalism at Cobbledicks Ford Recreational Area. The Reserve has been completely rebuilt by the Wyndham City Council and is regularly monitored by Council staff.
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Cobbledicks Ford in flood in 1977. In 1983 the flood level reached the top of the tree pictured.
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After the ford, the River has a deep water hole, within the Cobbledicks Ford recreational complex. This is a popular summertime swimming spot.
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Cobbledicks Ford is a very popular recreational fishing point. This photo shows a higher than normal water level after water has been released from Melton Reservoir to fill the Werrribee Weir. Water remains at this level for about two hours after the…

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