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This photograph was taken on the approach to the Melton Reservoir. The white stripe across roadside is the remnant of an ancient river bed that once flowed into the Werribee River. It is made up of small pebbles. This same river bed can be viewed…
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The diversion weir was used for early irrigation purposes within the Werribee Gorge. The boulders to the left of this photograph clearly show the different mud tillits that make up the formation of these rocks. These boulders would weigh in around…
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As you walk through the Werribee Gorge the laughing sound of kookaburras is frequently heard. The laughing sound is to display the boundaries of their territories.
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Vantage point along the Werribee Gorge walking track. From here you can see huge boulders that were moved during the Ice Age. It shows they have been in a rolling motion.

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