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Large bluestone house on the Ballan Road entry to Werribee.

The site of a dairy and house

A building (presumed to be a house) constructed of random coursed bluestone.

A site located east of Hopkins Road enclosed by a drystone wall. The remains of bluestone house.

A small bluestone building constructed of bluestone blocks.

Cobbledicks Ford crossing the Werribee River at Tarneit, paved in cut bluestone pavers.
St Andrews.jpg

A church complex comprising a bluestone church, a later brick church, school and convent (pictured).

A church complex comprising a church, a manse, a church hall and grounds. Building is constructed of bluestone with Barrabool sandstone used for quoins and detailing.
histproj_ronrixon 071 - resized.jpg

Locally mined bluestone forms a wall around a small graveyard on the Werribee Golf Course.
histproj_ronrixon 058 - resized.jpg

The Angling Club building. The bluestone blocks were retrieved from a bluestone house on the Board of Works farm.

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