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Metropolitan (Sewerage) Farm Outfall sewer.jpg

Red brick sewerage bridge.
Staughtons Bridge.jpg

A now defunct timber bridge running through a cutting through a ridge above the Werribee River.
histproj_ronrixon 043 - resized.jpg

The original railway bridge was an iron lattice construction across the Werribee River. It had a walking path about one meter below the bridge. Children used to stand on the path to look up and watch the underside of the steam trains go past. It was…
histproj_ronrixon 037 - resized.jpg

Cottrell Street Ford Bridge. This bridge is built directly over the old bridge. The old bridge can be seen underneath.
histproj_ronrixon 036 - resized.jpg

This photo shows the Cottrell Street Ford in 1959, before major alterations to raise it height had been undertaken. Regular minor flooding closed the Ford, so that as the population grew higher bridge was essential.  The photo looks towards the…
Grant Bridge.JPG

Single span bluestone bridge across Little River
R1S4 - 86.tif

A four span bluestone bridge across Little River that was completed in 1866.

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