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Former Methodist Church dating from 1869. An important landmark located near the Little River railway station complex.

A simple red brick church built in 1857 with a timber bell tower.

Small bluestone church with cream brick belcote and window trims that suffered some damage in the January 1985 fires.

A church complex comprising a church, a manse, a church hall and grounds. Building is constructed of bluestone with Barrabool sandstone used for quoins and detailing.
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A church complex comprising a bluestone church, a later brick church, school and convent (pictured).
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A simple cottage comprising three gabled sections with two front sections in brick and rear section in timber.
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A complex of church buildings being 1859 timber Gothic church, 1900 brick church, a brick hall and a Victorian house at the rear.

The Church was built in 1862 of corrugated iron.  It was purchased by the Presbyterian Church in 1907 and still in use in 1962.  The Church was burnt down in the fires of 1969.

Once again Thomas Chirnside led the donations, this time for the construction of the first church in Werribee, St Thomas’ Anglican Church. He started by donating an acre of land on the corner of Greaves and Synnot Streets, then added £100. The first…

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