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In the middle of this photo you can make out the severe damage caused to the Melton Reservoir by major flooding in 1983.
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Cobbledicks Ford in flood in 1977. In 1983 the flood level reached the top of the tree pictured.
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This photo shows the Cottrell Street Ford in 1959, before major alterations to raise it height had been undertaken. Regular minor flooding closed the Ford, so that as the population grew higher bridge was essential.  The photo looks towards the…
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The Cottrell Street Ford in flood in 1977. Significant floods used to occur every seven to ten years. In 1983 the flood levels reached the white box on the telephone pole. Flood mitigation controls have since been implemented, so that flood levels…
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The scars on this tree have been caused by larger trees washed down the river during heavy flooding. This photo was taken below the Werribee Weir. The hole in the river red gum would have taken around 160 years to form, and now provides a home to…
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This photo shows soil erosion downstream from the Werribee Streeet Bridge caused by the 1977 flood. The erosion exposed an old tip - a bottle collectors delight.
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The diving board used to be located at the tip of the concrete apron. On the right hand side was a high diving board, to the left hand side was a spring diving board. These were washed away in the 1952 flood.
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This picture shows the entire Werribee Golf Course under water. The water is about 20 foot deep. At the height of the flood (high tide) the water was over the top of the trees in the centre of the photo.

Werribee River in flood.
Original held by S. O'Malley.

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