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Located on the corner of Duncans Road and Watton Street, Werribee. Built and owned by J. E. O'Toole. Was demolished and is now Ballan House.

Lowman's Fruit Market was located between Coles supermarket and the Post Office on Watton Street. Vic Corbut married Frida Lowman. Vic is holding his baby son, Ron. Lowman's Fruit Mart was built about the same time as Fisher's Garage beside it, 1911.…

Rectangular brick and timber building with a small shop at the front and residence at the rear.

First general store built by J Heath. Business bought by Frederick Schulze in 1871, then in 1917, Charles Schulze, son of Frederick and Metta ran the business until 1946. Post Office operated at this location until 1904. Don Taylor, purchased…

The butchers was still at this at this address in 1933.

In the 1920's this building was the Commercial Bank which closed down in 1939. At the time of the closure the Manager was Mr. Gerald Sexton.  It was owned by Thomas Beasley J.P. whose daughter Maureen ran a dressmaking business. Later Mrs. Mavis (or…

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East side of Station Street, three doors north of Denys on the corner of Watton and Station Streets, Werribee. Aub Comben's first shop, it later became Joe King's fruit shop. The original Comben's store was started by Shadrach Comben, father of…

A shop with an Early Modern style facade featuring black and cream tile work.

Shire President 1925-1926 Shire President 1935

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