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A large parkland with mature trees.

A building (presumed to be a house) constructed of random coursed bluestone.
Walker house.jpg

Double fronted timber house with gabled hip roof.
histproj_ronrixon 065 - resized.jpg

This photograph shows multiple tree plantings during the early development of the Werribee Golf Course. The newly planted trees are protected by car tyres.
histproj_ronrixon 047 - resized.jpg

This photo was taken behind Watton Street, upstream from the Werribee Street Bridge.
histproj_ronrixon 046 - resized.jpg

The Werribee River provides a focal point for local photographers.
histproj_ronrixon 041 - resized.jpg

The remnant of past floor - part of a large tree wedged up against a river red gum. The living tree is growing around the dead trunk.
histproj_ronrixon 039 - resized.jpg

The scars on this tree have been caused by larger trees washed down the river during heavy flooding. This photo was taken below the Werribee Weir. The hole in the river red gum would have taken around 160 years to form, and now provides a home to…

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