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Bailey Houses,
249-252 Cunninghams Road,
Werribee South


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Bailey Houses,
249-252 Cunninghams Road,
Werribee South


Small cluster of houses on either side of Cunninghams Road.





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Small cluster of houses said to have been built by one farming family over their long ownership of the farms on either side of Cunninghams Road.  The houses are of various ages and styles.  No. 250 is the most recently constructed. Nos. 249 and 251 are modest houses of fibro and timber construction with corrugated iron roofing.  Each of these houses is rectangular in plan, with a simple garden.  No. 252 is the most substantial of the older houses.  It is a weatherboard house, with iron roof, surrounded by a well-established garden and high hedge.

The Baileys were among the many settlers who came to Werribee South after the government subdivision of the Werribee Park Estate, the opening of the irrigation settlement in 1912, and Soldier Settlement after the First World War.  These schemes, according to one account “saw the area begin to fill up with small orchards, poultry farms, lucerne farms, dairy farms and market gardens”.  The establishment of the Closer Settlement Board by the government in 1904 furthered the policy of more intensive farming activities within the State.

The Baileys secured properties from the Land Purchase Board during the First World War period.  They were located on either side of Cunninghams Road, not far from the coast.  As early as 1915-1916, William Bailey was rated for Crown Allotment 29 in Section D of the Werribee Estate, which comprised 50 acres leased from the Land Purchase Board.  This land was located on the east side of Cunninghams Road.

Mrs Laura M. Bailey was rated for the site on 249-251 Cunninghams Road (on the west side of the road) in 1981-19, when it was described as 52 acres in Crown Allotment 25 of Section D.  By 1920-21, dwellings were recorded on both of the Bailey properties.  Valuations increased during the 1930s.

It is said that by 1925, that Werribee South once “a vast open sheepwalk” had been transformed by the arrival of “several hundreds of settlers, many of them returned soldiers, growing fruit, lucerne and vegetables and milking cows”.


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249-252 Cunninghams Road,
Werribee South,” Wyndham History, accessed May 28, 2023, http://www.wyndhamhistory.net.au/items/show/1148.


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