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T. Ewart.

Address at time of Enlistment

Spotswood, Victoria.

Biographical Text

It is possible that Ewart, T. applied to join the A.I.F. close to the end of the war.  If so, he was possibly discharged before completing his initial training and being assigned to a unit.
In this case, there would not be a record of his service.

Another possibility is that his name has been inccorectly spelt on the Honour Board.

The name 'Ewart T.' appears on the Werribee Shire's Honour Board.
The name 'Ewart T. Spotswood' only appears in the last two Roll of Honor published in The Werribee Shire Banner in the editions dated 27 February 1919 and 6 March 1919.

There is no "Ewart, T." in the following:

  • World War One embarkation lists
  • National Archives of Australia searchable list of World War One personnel.
  • World War One Nominal Roll website
  • World War Two Nominal Roll website has three names but they are all too young to have served in World War One
  • Online searchable Melbourne Cemeteries
  • Victorian Electoral Rolls for 1914 and 1924

There is no A.I.F. member in World War One with the surname Ewart that has a link to either Werribee or Spotswood.

There was a Thomas Ewart in the New Zealand Army (World War One 3/162), but there is no connection with Australia.

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