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W. Madden, Werribee

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W. Madden, Werribee
It has not been possible to confirm the identity of this soldier and any possible links to Werribee.

Between 16 March 1916 and 6 February 1919, the name "Madden, D. of Werribee" appeared in the Werribee Shire Banner Roll of Honor

After that date the name was replaced with "Madden, W. of Werribee" from 13 February 1919 to the final list on 6 March 1919.

The WW1 Nominal Roll has 17 potential soldiers names "Madden, W.", and they were: 

  • No.4372 - Walter Francis Madden from New South Wales
  • No.477 - William Madden from West Australia
  • No.122 - William Madden from Ballarat, Victoria
  • No.3221 - William Madden from Cessnock, New South Wales
  • No.5379 - William Charles Madden from Brunswick, Victoria
  • No.2185 - William Ernest Madden from Warren, New South Wales
  • No.1696 - William Edward Madden from Narromine, New South Wales
  • No.4372 - William Francis Madden from Sydney, New South Wales
  • No.59772 - William Frederick Madden from Newcastle, New South Wales
  • No.5570 - William George Madden from Collingwood, Victoria
  • No.6856 - William George Madden from St. Kilda, Victoria
  • No.16446 - William George Madden from Collingwood, Victoria
  • No.1450 - William Henry Madden from Armidale, New South Wales
  • No.3379 - William John Madden from Gympie, Queensland
  • No.4563 - William John Madden from Adelaide, South Australia
  • No.2648 - William Lawrence Madden from Adelaide, South Australia
  • No.7092 - William Norman Madden from Narrabri, New South Wales
  • No.3141 - William Patrick Madden from Bingara, New South Wales
  • No.1214 - William Robert Madden from Sydney, New South Wales

The WW1 Nominal Roll as two potential soldiers named "Madden, D.", and they were:
  • No.3583 - Daniel Madden from Wellington, New South Wales
  • No.946 - David Andrew Madden from Ascot Vale, Victoria

In 1914 there was a Miss M. Madden living in Werribee.

In 1915 there was a road contracting company in Werribee called Pryor & Madden.


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