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Leslie John Murfett (1899-1920)


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Leslie John Murfett (1899-1920)





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Leslie John Murfett

Birth Date


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Next of Kin

John R. Murfett & L. Murfett

Address at time of Enlistment

Swanson Street,
Terang, Victoria


Marital Status


Death Date

Biographical Text

No.V80522  Leslie John Murfett
When Leslie John Murfett was born on 6 November 1899 in Terang, Victoria.  His father, John Ramage Murfett, was 29 and his mother, Lilian Dare [Davey], was 25. He had two brothers and two sisters.

  • Gladys Lillian
  • Thomas William
  • Norman Charles
  • Dorothy May

War Service
Leslie enlisted on the 26 September 1918 at Melbourne and did his recruit training at Broadmeadows starting on 28 October 1918.

Whilst there he was admitted to the Clearing Hospital Broadmeadows on 4 November 1918 with Bronchitis. He was discharged from hospital on 9 November 1918.

He then transferred to Railway Unit on 11 November 1918. Railway Units were used in Australia to transport new members to the main depots and ports. Overseas the units were used to transport supplies of war material from the standard gauge railheads up to the forward lines. Returning trains would transport wounded soldiers back to the embarkation ports.

Leslie was discharged on 24 December 1918 – Demobilisation of the Australian Infantry Forces.

Post War
Leslie had an accident when he was going to ride from the Maribynong artillery camp to fetch the mail when he was thrown from his horse and sustained injuries to the head. He secured another horse and rode to the post office to carry out his task. When he reached the post office, he collapsed and was found to be suffering from cerebral haemorrhage, probably aggravated by his exertions subsequent to the injury. He was taken to the Caulfield Military Hospital, where he died. Leslie John Murfett died on 20 March 1920, aged 20.
Camperdown Chronicle, 25 March 1920, p.2.
The Argus, 23 March 1920, p.7.

An In Memoriam notice inserted by his fellow gunners Fletcher and Wain was published in The Argus, 19 March 1921, p.11.

Murfett, L. from Little River first appeared in the Roll of Honor, Werribee Shire Banner, 13 February 1919, p.3.

The Little River Roll of Honor has a L.J. Murfett. The NAA listed a Murfett, Leslie John. Place of Birth was Terang VIC. Place of Enlistment was Melbourne VIC. The member worked on the railway and may have worked in Werribee and had his name added to the board for that reason.

Medals and Entitlements:

  • None awarded
Murfett from Little River first appeared in the Roll of Honor, Werribee Shire Banner, 13 February 1919, p.3.





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