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Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers (1899-1948)


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Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers (1899-1948)



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Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers

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Melbourne, Victoria

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Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers
Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers was born at Werribee in 1899 to James Travers and Catherine Ferris. They had the following children:

  • Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No.1899/6765
  • Louis Adrian Oliver Travers - born at Werribee Cert No. 1901/23371
  • Muriel Catherine Eileen Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No. 1903/14456
  • Edwin Desmond Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No. 1905/6991
  • Mary Olive Lorinda Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No. 1907/14967
  • William Hugh Linton Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No. 1909/31686
  • Joseph Basil Bertram Travers - born at Werribee. Cert No. 1911/7759

Pre War
Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers was born in Werribee in 1899. This meant that at the outbreak of war in 1914, he was just 15 years old.  In the last year of the war he would have been 18 years old, and could have enlisted in the A.I.F. with his parent's consent.

War Service
Because of his young age (in 1918), it is suspected that Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers applied to enlist in the A.I.F. in the last year of the war, but was not accepted for service overseas.  This did make him eligible to have his name included on the Werribee Honour Board.

There is an unreleased file on Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers, aged 35 years (at the time of the Second World War), from Marylands, New South Wales on the National Archives of Australia web site. This usually means that he applied to enlist in the A.I.F., but was not accepted to serve overseas.

Post War
In 1921, Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers married Edith Victoria Gemmell in Victoria.
ancestry.com – Victoria Marriage Index, 1837-1950

Thomas served in WWII, but his Service File has not yet been released.

After his mother (Catherine Travers, of Pyke Street, Werribee) died in 1947, Thomas Bernard Vincent Travers (a railway guard of Devon Street in Croydon, Victoria), applied to the Supreme Court for Letters of Administration on his late mother’s estate.
The Age, 19 March 1947, p.17.

A funeral notice for Thomas Bernard Travers of Devon Street, Croydon, was published in The Age, 15 June 1948, p.5.

Name on the Werribee Shire Oak Board: TRAVERS, T. B. V.

Name "Travers, T. B. V. from Werribee" only appeared in the Roll of Honor, Werribee Shire Banner, 6 March 1919, p.1. (after the war ended).



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