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Albert Thomas Sewell

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Thomas Sewell

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Werribee, Victoria


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No. V80417  Private Albert Thomas Sewell
Albert was born in Maldon, South West Hampshire, England on 13 April 1898.

On 19 January 1911, his father Thomas St Albans Sewell, and his mother Noami, left England aboard the SS Marathon and sailed for Brisbane.  It is not known when they travelled to Melbourne and decided to settle in Werribee.
Albert had five brothers and one sister. They were:

  • Marguerite Sewell (1895–?)
  • Robert Sewell (1897–1974)
  • Albert Sewell (1899–1974)
  • Phillip Sewell (1900–1980)
  • Charles Clement Sewell (1906–1980)
  • Gilbert Sewell (1908–1988)
  • Wyndham Sewell (1914–1980)

War Service
He enlisted on 26 August 1918 at Melbourne, Victoria. His father had enlisted on 13 February 1915. Private Sewell, infantryman, became Sapper Sewell with the Australian Corps Signalling Company and was sent to France in March 1918. His time in France was brief and he was sent back to England.

The authority for the return of Thomas Sewell (Father) was only given on the condition that Albert Thomas Sewell enlisted in the AIF, and that he would not be despatched for service abroad until word is received that his father is returning to Australia.

Albert went on leave until his father returned to Australia.

His father returned to Australia on 19 October 1918. His military documents say that he was sent back for 'personal reasons'.  He was discharged from service in February 1919. There is no mention in his papers as to why he received this special dispensation.

Albert was not called for duty and was demobilised on 19 December 1918.

Post War
Lieutenant Albert Sewell was in command of the guard of honour of local cadets at the unveiling ceremony of the Soldier's Memorial and Honor Roll on 12 June 1920 at the Werribee Shire Hall.
Werribee Shire Banner, 17 June 1920, p.2.

His father sold his irrigation block on the Werribee Park Estate in October 1920 and moved to Queensland where the Government were offering special inducements to soldiers to go into sheep farming. Two of his sons, Robert and Phillip went with their father.
Werribee Shire Banner, 21 October 1920, p.3.  
A Clearing Sale of the family's possessions was held on 1 November 1920.
Werribee Shire Banner, 21 October 1920, p.2.

Albert Thomas Sewell was involved with the Werribee Citizens Military Association and was listed as Lieutenant A. T. Sewell secretary.
Werribee Shire Banner, 19 June, 1919, p.2.
Werribee Shire Banner, 13 November 1919, p.2.

Census records of 1925 at Dalby, Queensland have Albert Thomas, his brother Philip and his parents listed at Cecil Plains.

He married Lily Deller on 22 December 1928 in Queensland. They lived in Pittsworth Queensland about 50 kilometres from his parents.

In 1938, the Emerald Shire Council appointed him as the overseer of works for the Council. Census records have him living in Emerald, Queensland in 1943.

His wife passed away on 12 December 1971. Albert passed away on 16 May 1974 and was buried at the Albany Creek Memorial Park Cemetery & Crematorium, Bridgeman Downs, Queensland.
His brother Wyndham and wife are also buried at the same cemetery.

Medals and Entitlements:
None awarded






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