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Supplementary List : ANZAC Project 1914-1918 


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Supplementary List : ANZAC Project 1914-1918 


An alphabetical list of soldiers and nurses from the Wyndham area that are not named on the Werribee RSL Honor Board, but were discovered whilst completing this research.

Please note: Some of these soldiers and nurses may have had their names included on Wyndham's other Honor Boards.




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Killed in Action  
Alcock, J.
Aldridge, E. A.
Archibald, J. L.
Ashby, T.
Bates, G.
Bates, J. 
Beamish, A.
Beamish, F. H.
Beard, C. W.
Begg, A. (Jnr.)
Begg, J.
Begg, J.
Bell, L. C . (nurse)
Bidson, G. 
Blyth, V. E. C.
Bolwell, J. H.
Booth, I. H.
Booth, J. J.
Brander, L. E.
Bren, E. W.
Car, C. E.
Carter, C. E.
Carter, W. J.
Cowell, A.
Cowper, G. H.
Crawford, W.
Dalton, C. 
Farrar, R. C. 
Featherstone, E.
Finch, M. M.
Forbes, J. 
Geddes, C. B.
Gladstone, H. J.
Grant, H.
Hanley, E.
Hanley, W.
Heath, C. V.
Hester, G.
Hinch, E. G.
Horsfall, G. S.
Howard, H.
Hyde, A. S.
Hyde, F.
Jenkins, E. S.
Johnson, R. A.
Le Veni, M.
Lee, M. F.
Lee, W. J.
Liston, T.
Lodge, G. L.  
Lodge, J. A. 
Lodge, T. S. 
Lord, W. H.
Mainwaring, A. J.
McMillan, N.
McTigne, J. W.
Morris, C. E.
Mullins, C. S.
Neale, W.
O'Connor, P.
Oliver, C.
Owens, L.
Rogers, H. E.
Rutterford, J. R.
Rutterford, W. J.
Ryall, H.  
Ryan, A.
Sellick, C. 
Sellick, E.
Shorland, A. E.
Smith, A.
Sondersoe, T.
Stearn, P.
Stewart, R. 
Tolhurst, F. E. H.
Walker, F.
Watt, W.  
Wills, P.
Wilson, L.
Youls, S.
Killed in Action 


“Supplementary List : ANZAC Project 1914-1918 ,” Wyndham History, accessed September 22, 2023, http://www.wyndhamhistory.net.au/items/show/2651.


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