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May Farm,
485 Dohertys Road,


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May Farm,
485 Dohertys Road,


A farm site located off a long drive off Dohertys Road.





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The site is located down a long drive off Dohertys Road.  A shed, fence and plantings of trees are visible from the road.  The graves of Samuel and Henry Cropley are said to be located in a corner of the property.  The grave sites were once fenced, but are now cropped.  It is thought that they died during a diphtheria epidemic.

May Farm is important for its long associations with the Cropley’s, one of the most prominent Shire farming families.  According to the Truganina Parish Plan, the allotment was owned by B. E. Cropley as early as 1858.  The first Wyndham District Board 1863 records rated Benjamin and Effield Cropley for a 315 acre farm at Truganina, comprising 250 acres under pasture and 65 acres under cultivation.  This farm was identified in the middle 1880s as a 155 acre farm in Allotment 3 and a 159 acres farm in Allotment 2 of Section XVI, Parish of Truganina. George Cropley was leasing both properties from the Crown.  The following year George was rated as the owner of both farms.  Today, the May Farm property stands on Allotment 3 of Section XVI.

The four Cropley brothers George, Benjamin, Effield and John were early Truganina farmers, all “early Baptist stalwarts” who married four Earle sisters.  An early Truganina school was run by Mrs. G. Cropley.

May Farm continued in Cropley ownership.  George Cropley Snr. was its owner in the late 1890s.  By the turn of the century George and Walter Cropley shared the ownership of the 315 acre property with its farm homestead.  Walter Cropley was the sole owner in 1906 and at least until the end of the First World War.

The entrance drive from Dohertys Road to May Farm is marked on a 1915 Army Ordnance map, showing the property extending across the two allotments.  A later, 1933 Army map shows the property name “May Farm” near this drive.

It is said that Cropley descendants were living around Truganina in the 1960s.  There are reputedly some Cropley graves at May Farm, which were once fenced off near a corner of the property.


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