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    Mr. William Ison, one of the areas first residents, was born in Cambridge, England in 1832, the eldest of 15 children.

    He left England on 18 October 1855 aged 22 years and arrived at Portland, Victoria in 1855.

    [An obituary was published in the Werribee Shire Banner, 1 November 1923, p.3. Ed.]
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    The house was built of wattle and daub construction for the Ison family. The bricks were quarried on the property.

    It is classified by the National Trust and is currently owned by the Rowe family.

    From: Wyndham | Our story / Geoff Hocking, Castlemaine, Vic. : New Chum Press, 2013, p.177.
    Born in Cambridge, England, William Ison arrived in the colony at the height of the gold rush.  He went up to the diggings first, but after nearly losing his life in a mining accident came down to Werribee to take up farming.
    A community-minded fellow, Ison also worked for many years for Thomas Chirnside, building miles of fencing.  Chirnside had told Mr. Hamilton, his manager, to always have work for William Ison.
    On thirty acres of land near the Black Forest Swamp on Bulban Road, William Ison constructed  a wattle and daub house using mud taken from the swamp.  The mud contained fossils which were of archeological interest.  However, this significant and unusual early settler's home, which was classified by the National Trust, was demolished without a permit in 2002.
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