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John Joseph Dalrymple (1899-1970)


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John Joseph Dalrymple (1899-1970)


Dalrymple, John Joseph


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Biographical Text

No.80913  Private John Joseph Dalrymple
John Joseph Dalrymple was born in 1899 to George Gregory Dalrymple and Susan Evans at Werribee.  His parents had married in Werribee 1897, and had three children:

  • John
  • Allan
  • Kitty

In his early years, John had volunteered for military training in the Werribee district.  Whilst at school in Williamstown, he was a member of 69A School Cadet Unit for four years.  Then after leaving school, he spent one year with the Commonwealth Forces at the 29th Australian Light Horse ("C" Squadron) at Werribee.

War Service
John enlisted in the A.I.F. at Melbourne just a few months before the war ended, on 10 October 1918.  He was considered a minor, and his parents signed a form stating that they had no objections to him enlisting.  When asked by the Army if he had any objection to his son’s enlistment, his father commented that he was "afraid that his son was not strong enough. However, as time goes on, he will prove his fitness".

Initially he was sent to the Recruit Depot Battalion at the Broadmeadows Camp for basic training, which he completed on 11 November 1918. Ironically this was Armistice Day.

Private John Dalrymple was then allocated back to the 29th Light Horse until he was demobilized on 24 December 1918. The unit’s headquarters was in the Drill Hall in Howe Crescent, South Melbourne.

Post War
In the early post war years, Brother J.J. Dalrymple was an Honorary Secretary of the Irish National Foresters Lodge in Werribee.
Werribee Shire Banner, 9 June 1921, p.2.

John Joseph Dalrymple married Irene Clariss Smith-Wright in Victoria in 1924.  The electoral roll for that year listed him as a "Carrier", still living in Church Street, Werribee.

John and Irene’s eldest daughter, Irene Patricia Dalrymple married Stanley Brumley in 1947.  Mr and  Mrs J.J. Dalrymple were living at 54 Church Street, Werribee.  

Their other daughter Lola Dalrymple, was a bridesmaid.  Lola married the following year.
Werribee Shire Banner, 25 March 1948, p.2.

John's mother, Susan, died in 1940.
Werribee Shire Banner, 7 November 1949, p.2.

The Electoral rolls between the years 1949 to 1954 record John and Irene living at a new address at 120 Synott Street, Werribee, and that he had now become a water bailiff.

John’s wife Irene died in 1960, and was buried at Werribee.  He remained in Werribee working as a Water Bailiff until 1968, when he moved to 77 Queen street, Coburg.

John Dalrymple died on 15 July 1970, aged 70 years, and was buried in the Werribee Cemetery.

Medals & Entitlements:

  • Nil

1913 onwards - The 29th (Port Phillip) Australian Light Horse Regiment, "C" Squadron (part), was based at Werribee.  The full "C" Squadron comprised of Geelong, Drysdale and Werribee.

7th Light Horse Brigade (Victoria) comprised of the 17th (Campaspe), 19th (Yarrowee), and 20th (Corangamite) and 29th (Port Phillip Horse) Light Horse Regiments.

The name "Dalrymple, J." first appeared in the Werribee Shire Banner’s Roll of Honor, 27 February 1919, p1.

There is no J Dalrymple in National WW1 Nominal Roll.


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