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Francis James Templeton (c1885-1966)


“Francis James Templeton (c1885-1966),” Wyndham History, accessed May 7, 2021, https://www.wyndhamhistory.net.au/items/show/2588.
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Francis James Templeton (c1885-1966)


Templeton, Francis James


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Biographical Text

Private Francis James Templeton
Francis James Templeton born circa 1885 to parents Margaret Anne Canty and John Templeton, in Ruffy, Victoria. The couple also had another son, Joseph J. Templeton.

War Service
Francis was aged 30 years and 5 months when he enlisted to serve his country on 19 July, 1915. He was assigned to T Company, 5th Battalion at the Seymour Depot. On enlistment, Francis resided in Werribee and was employed as a labourer. He was described as being 5 foot 3 inches in height, weighing 9 stone, 7 lbs, with chest measurements of 31/33 inches. His complexion was described as fresh (youthful) and he sported blue eyes and light brown hair. He was considered fit for service.

A couple of months after his initial enlistment, while Francis was still training at the Seymour Camp, his only brother Joseph died from Meningitis. As Joseph was the sole support of their mother, Margaret, aged 60, who was not in good health, Francis wrote to apply for the Minister's consent to be discharged from the Forces. In support of his application, dated 3 September, 1915, he included a reference from Reverend Father Michael Heany, Parish Priest of Werribee who was well acquainted with the family’s circumstances. In the enclosed letter, Father Michael was of the opinion that the Minister would be "doing the right thing in granting the request of Private Templeton".

On 8 September 1915, the request to discharge Francis was approved and he was formally discharged on 24 September 1915.
Francis James Templeton never saw wartime conflict.

Post War
Francis died in 1966, aged 81.

Medals and Entitlements:

  • Not entitled